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The 5 “S’s the secret of boosting your serotonin

After last nights dinner I knew I’d run extra miles today. With good amount of pasta, this gave me more energy to run five miles instead my usual three. Complex carbohydrates like pasta and rice are key ingredients in a Mediterranean diet. They are good for you. I’m not saying only eat pasta, as we do need to have a balanced diet.  Running for me is part of my life. It’s a way for me to keep fit and stay slim and also running is great for my mental state. Running is part of the 5 'S's of good serotonin management. These five are sport (exercise), self-time (time just for yourself to  pursue an activity you enjoy), sleep, sunshine (this just means direct sunlight to your face) and sex. I do my best to follow this regime, of which running is my sport. If my husband was in charge, the balance would be less running and more the other 🙄

Running isn’t for everyone and many people don’t have the time for formal exercise. The good news is, the Mediterranean diet is still very healthy for you even if only your future self is into exercise.  Now time to get ready to meet Carmelo for a few meetings in town. Enjoy your Saturday all, whatever you’re doing. Start of the football season - I am a Chelsea fan, so I'm looking forward to seeing what Frank can do. I hope they give him enough time. Carmelo supports the Blues as well, though he says he also admires Liverpool also. He used to cook for them regularly when the team stayed in London,  and he says Steven Gerrard and the other members of the team were always great company and very complimentary.  Sport, even at the highest professional level, benefits from the Mediterranean way. 😘

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