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The Godfather

Today I went to visit my godfather. He’s my dad brother. 

He’s been a father to me since my Dad died about 18 years ago. My godfather had an operation last month; he’s been a bit poorly so I’ve been visiting more regularly. It’s been lovely because he’s been reminiscing a lot about the time they all came to England and telling me things I never knew. I’m really proud of my father and what he achieved in his life, and how much he helped so many family and friends. 

When I’m there they make a fuss of me, especially with food. My Godmother always tries to make me something I love. Today we had chicken broth. Minestra. Healthy and wholesome. Vegetables that are in season that my godfather grows himself. We had cucuzza, (Sicilian courgette) with tenerumi. Tenerumi are the leaves and tender shoots of the long squash plant called “cucuzza” found all over Sicily and also in Calabria where they are known as “taddi di cucuzza”. Vegetables made the way the Italians make it are a lot tastier. Even the very young grow up with loving their vegetables they’re given. Food that is good for us all. Really love days with my family. Lovely memories 🤗

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