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Sicilia Mia

Our first day in Palermo. We had a lovely breakfast with 400 espressos. You can’t get better coffee anywhere else in the world. Then we had a little walk. We spent some time looking at the markets and seeing some beautiful fruit and vegetables. We stopped off at the harbour and had more coffee, staring out at the horizon over the perfectly picturesque Mediterranean Sea. We then visited a church: I love the churches in Italy. The beauty of them is something I can’t describe: a catharsis,  beautiful and dark. We lit some candles for our departed loved ones. Then we saw the famous mural of Giovanni Falcone And  Paolo Borsellino. That really gave me goosebumps: I had not seen it before. They are the two magistrates who had become leaders in the struggle against Cosa Nostra, who were both murdered in 1992 by savage mafia bombs. Art and beauty in sadness and death. One day back, and I am already in the swing of the Sicilian life!

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