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My friend Gavin

Tonight I have my friends over for dinner. My friend is pregnant so I need to think of something that is comfortable for her to eat. As many of us women know, the body plays havoc with you, while you are pregnant, especially your digestive system. When I was carrying Elizabeth nine years ago, Gavin (Gaviscon) was my best friend, although I had a terrible diet: I couldn’t face healthy food, I didn’t like any smells and my husband couldn’t cook, so I pretty much lived on junk food. I loved that we were having a baby, but I hated everything about being pregnant. I wasn’t a great person to live with at the time and my poor husband just about coped; he even said if I wasn’t carrying his child he would have put me into a mental institute. Looking back, I did go a little bit mad - I blame Google. Anyway, that story is for another time (though my husband likes to tell it all the time!). Back to tonight’s dinner: naturally it will be Italian food - The Mediterranean way. I called Carmelo for some advice. Who else would I call? His advice is to make two dishes: one that would be tasty and easy on the acidity of the stomach, and another for those who are not pregnant. Tonight’s dinner, therefore, will be pasta with broccoli and meat and potatoes in tomato sauce (carne al sugo). It was my Dad’s favourite meal - comfort food, traditionally from southern Italy. You get a primo and secondo in one meal. We do it so that we have pasta first then the meat afterwards. Delicious! You can use any meat you want: I’m going to do this with beef ribs. Right, time to start…Ciao for now.

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