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January Blues

For most people the run up to Christmas and New Year is a very exciting time. Invitations to parties and family gathering arrive, and we throw ourselves into eating and drinking as much as we like “because it’s Christmas.” Diets are dropped and we start picking, and meal turn into feasts. Christmas week comes and goes like a big flash of lightening. Once New Year’s Eve is over it feels like a sudden bang back into reality. On the first day of January there are lots of new ideas and new ideals - new me, new intentions, renewed hopes. In some cases this works a little (though rarely completely or for long) but that is ok. Subconsciously we realise this, and set ourselves a secret realistic goal beneath the high intention. Often we go to the gym more often just for a week or two, but the reacquaintance with a work-out endures. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer with depression. January is the worst month of the year for this. There are more deaths from illnesses and mental health, and  suicide rates go up. Foods is a important factor of our lives and eating a good diet helps us reassure ourselves that we will remain healthy and the return to normality will come. Serotonin levels will go back up and we will feel better. The secret is not to be too austere with the health regime. Don't overdo the exercise commitment. Find a healthy diet that still fills you up and is really tasty. That is where we can help - Mediterranean diet is both the healthiest and most delicious. ChefMéd is here to make your new year's resolutions more durable. 

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