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Growing Up Italian on a Sunday

Sundays were wonderful as a child; the memories sometimes give me goosebumps. Nostalgia. Sunday was a day about being with family and food. It was as busy and full as a Christmas dinner with my family. Everyone remotely connected to us gathered together; when I was young the house was of full uncles, aunts and cousins. As we grew older Sunday afternoon became more about spending time with my brothers and their families. A typical meal would be either a Lasagna or Cannelloni. Then we would have an Italian roast, which would often be several different meats with potatoes, vegetables and salads. Wine, laughter, us kids running around playing, the adults competing over the food, the home-made wine and who could talk the loudest. They truly were the best times. There are literally hundreds of studies highlighting the importance of a Mediterranean diet; interestingly, several of them have suggested that part of the extraordinary benefit to health is because of the congeniality - that we sit down with friends and family to enjoy a meal together as an event in itself. 

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