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Extra Virgin

Yesterday we had a ChefMéd Master- class in Extra Virgin Olive Oil event. We had four different types of oils and we tasted them without knowing the brands. Since working with Chef Carmelo, I’ve learnt a great deal about the difference in texture and smells. Has nothing to do with the colour, which a lot of people presume. The first one I tried, the smell was very fruity scent with a nice aroma of tomato; it was very delicate at the palate, and a little spicy on the after taste 

I found the second extra virgin olive oil was nothing like as aromatic or interesting. It had no smell of olives, no real aroma, and I thought it smelled a little mouldy. I tried it, but was not surprised that I didn't really like it. 

Third one was really intense with a very good smell; it was rich with the aroma of green olives. It inspired me to think of the fruit of the tree and the grass. Taste was equally intense, particularly green olives, with an after taste that was a little spicy and a little bitter, like an artichoke, which was very good. 

The last was “bio”  organic extra virgin olive oil. Again, it had a strong smell of artichokes, rich green olives and a hint of grass. The taste was stronger, but it was very smooth on the palate with a extra tang of spice and bitterness which Carmelo told me are two properties of good quality extra virgin olive oil. I really enjoyed this one. I still have so much to learn. 

The four oils were, in order:


1.  Da Gentile di Malfada

2. Tesco's own brand

3. Da Leccino

4. Trespaldum Bio

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