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Confession of a Chef

With yesterday’s weather not being great, we were happy that we were working for most of the day. We had a successful day and had the last meeting before home. We went back to the hotel, showered and dressed, then got a taxi to our favourite  Trattoria restaurante in Palermo: Casa del Brodo Dal Dottore. It is a wonderful, family-run gem. If he is with me, I let Carmelo order for me. Naturally, he knows what he's doing, and it’s lovely that I am able to try new traditional and typical Sicilian dishes. I was very impressed when he went into the kitchen to talk to the chef. The place was very busy, authentic and traditional looking place, with a real buzz. I am harder to please by modern looking restaurants not that anywhere modern-looking doesn't serve good food. I always like to go with the ambience. Elizabeth had a plate of pasta with fresh tomato sauce with mozzarella. Carmelo and I had a feast. We had Caponata 

Melted provolone 

Green beans agrodolce 

Peperoni agrodolce 

Stuffed aubergine rolls 

Aubergine parmigiana 

Roasted Italian “Modica” Beef fillet 

Bollito di vitello with Green salsa. 

Soured Italian chicory with garlic 

Fico d India prickly pear. 

A bottle of wine to share, and a Limoncello at the end. The food was spectacular. This morning, at breakfast, I said to Carmelo that my blog will be about last nights restaurant. About the beautiful food we ate. Carmelo’s face changed slightly. He said he had to confess something we ate. The Bollito di vitello with Green salsa was actually ox tongue 😬

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