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Buongiorno Bongiorno

Sorry that I’ve been absent. I have had a terrible tooth ache. I had root canal treatment on Friday and now I’ve ended up with strong painkillers and antibiotics. Apart from the throbbing pain, I had a nice weekend spent with The Bongiorno family at my eldest brothers house. We all cooked a few things to take round: in the times when we’re occasionally together, we over do it with the amount of food. How can you not eat the best Italian food made with love by us all? I made a Caponata and a chicken liver pate. My brother Joe bought round the puddings and Carlo did a wonderful tasty barbeque. It was such a glorious sunny day, so it was perfect: we ate outside. The wine was flowing, with the children happily playing, whilst the adults enjoyed conversations. Reminiscing about our childhood ♥️

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