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Best of both worlds

We had a beautiful day in the English countryside. 

We went to Audley End. We packed a picnic. Naturally our picnic looked a bit different to the rest of the picnics we saw. Salumi, cheeses, Sicilian style vegetables. We had jar of vegetables under olive oil and olives. Breaded meat and lovely bread. We were stared at and little children came up to us to look at our spread. We had parents coming to get them and it was nice seeing their surprised faces too. We did get a few nice comments. Then we had some lovely fresh fruits. After our lunch we went together on the Miniature Railway, and then went to spot fairies and elves on the famous walk in their enchanted garden. A real English treat. We are so lucky, sharing the best of both worlds: blue skies and that smell of the summer. It's not long until the autumn, and we will be moving forward with ChefMéd. Throughout the autumn there will be new things happening. Please keep following 

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