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Today was a working from home day

Between dull logistical work-related tasks, I have been entertaining my daughter and I needed to go to the dentist because of a painful jaw. I’ve had problems with my teeth for years. I blame the 80s. Dentists seemed to have a very low threshold for giving people fillings and pulling teeth. I have an aversion to dentists. Indeed, at my excellent NHS dentist in Cockfosters, they have recorded me as allergic to dentists in my notes. They need to know that I’m anxious, and, thankfully, they don’t take it personally. 

Calcium is a very important part of your diet. I personally think that Italians do the best cheese; I love parmigiano, pecorino, ricotta, mozzarella, burrata and so so much more. The benefits of calcium rich food is that it strengthens bones and teeth! Oh well, perhaps If i had not had a rich Mediterranean diet as a child I would now be completely gummy... notte 💤

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