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Stress Head

I went out earlier than usual for my morning run: I wanted to be out and back early so I could spend some time with my husband before he went to work. Today, I fly to Sicily. Because, in the words of my husband, I’m a 'totally insane screaming Stress-head when I have to fly,' I have to get everything ready well before my taxi comes, so that I can check it and then re-check it like a dribbling OCD sufferer. I arrived at the airport about 4 hours before the flight, just like my Sicilian parents. My dad was really bad. I remember being at the airport 7 hours before. His reason was always “just in case”.. i do laugh about it, but not so much now. Three years ago I missed a flight. Ever since then, I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m getting there early. I have to take a Valium before I fly. The Rosary is not enough. 

I spoke to Carmelo. He said "Have you done the chicken?" 

I replied, "We'll eat at the airport, I'm usually too anxious to eat a lot and Elizabeth will just want simple food." 

"No," he said, "the chicken!" 

"What chicken?" I asked, now really puzzled. Was there some special recipe he needed posting, or some detail a supplier was asking about, that I didn't know of?

He spoke slowly, like he was addressing an idiot, "The-check-in!"

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