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Sightseeing in Sicily

My husband said not to keep mentioning my running on my blog, so I am not going to mention that I ran this morning.

Yesterday we went to Trapani province to a private beach. We were invited by another potential collaborator. It was lovely, combining us having a meeting and making it enjoyable for my 8-year-old daughter Elizabeth too. She’s been amazing. Today, we went sightseeing. My favourite place was the Palermo Cathedral, Santa Vergine Maria Assunta. We also went to No Mafia memorial Gallery. That was a real eye opener. The Mafia is a big interest of mine. I remember asking my dad questions all about them, but he never really wanted to talk about it. I guess all their crimes must have affected him. He was born in 1930 so he was in Sicily around the time of their rise to power. Who knows what he saw and heard. The exhibition made me feel very emotional. How the Sicilian people lived in such terrible poverty post war was part of the museum theme too.

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