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Sicilian Gem

First thing this morning was my 5k run in the heat. Then from there I went straight to a bar for breakfast and coffee, where I met up with Carmelo and Elizabeth. What a beautiful start to the day. We then went back to the hotel, and I had a much needed refreshing cold shower after that run. We all left the hotel raring to go: first of all, we had a quick meeting with one of our collaborators before departing to my favourite part of the day, Ballarò Market. The market Ballarò of Palermo is the oldest and biggest among the markets of the city of Palermo, with fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat, fish and much more. From the vibrant colours to the crazy maniac drivers, talking to the vendors about their stories from past ancestors. The expertise for production and sale of one particular product passed down the generations. A splendid day for all 

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If you’ve never visited, then you must. Thank you 😊


Aug 31, 2019

I really enjoy your blog posts, especially from your trip to Italy. It feels like I'm there with you.

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