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Flying the ChefMéd flag in Shanghai

I have some absolutely amazing news! My friend, my business partner, Co Director of ChefMéd and part of my family has secured one of worlds foremost and most exciting culinary jobs in the world. He is to be executive chef and the first master of the new Italian restaurant that is about to be opened in Shanghai. We didn't want to announce this momentous move until he was at the airport.

The Shanghai Tower is a 632 meter high, 128-story skyscraper in Shanghai, China. It has the world's highest observation deck, offices, hotels and restaurants. Carmelo's position is in a new fine-dining, exclusive project within the Tower due to be opened early next year. 

Everything at ChefMéd will continue exactly as it is. We have top-notch chefs, trained by Carmelo, so we all need to see this an extra opportunity rather than alternative. 

Obviously, for me the joy and excitement is matched with the sense of sadness because he and I work together practically daily. Now our working routine will be both via the internet and at odd hours 😬. It’s a position that he simply could not turn down, so instead we will be flying the ChefMéd flag within the very substance of the worlds most powerful economy. Congratulations to Carmelo. 

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