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Circle of Life

I’m not going to write about food today or anything about the Mediterranean way. 

I had two quite upsetting pieces of bad news today; two of my good friends both lost a member of their family. When there is an ending of life, you can’t help but think deeper, and notice more detail in everything and everyone around you. Sadness comes a bit too often as we grow older, but I suppose that is part of life. When I hear the laughter of my child, I feel the Circle of life. Your brain cannot help but try to understand what everything is about. We think we manage it a little, but in reality we don’t at all. I feel like we don't really appreciate how little we understand until it hits us hard in the face.  It’s only because subconsciously we don’t want to know. Friendship means we feel some of the pain, and hopefully in so sharing, we stop ourselves feeling alone. My thoughts are with my friend, and all of us who have lost someone dear. 

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